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About Us

Guardian™ St. Louis was established in 1890. We work with over 4,200 clients supported by over 282 Financial Professionals.1
·      $239,957,559 Total Assets Administered2
·      $14,535,517 Total Protection Premium
·      $1,409,566,399 Total Life Death Benefit
·      $6,402,825 Monthly Disability Insurance Benefit in force
·      $3,542,660 Claims Paid in 2021
·      52.8% of our clients have been with us 14+ years
       * ^

We are proud to represent the Midwest region with offices in St. Louis and Kansas City serving our clients across the United States.
Guardian™ was founded in 1860 and serves 29 million people through a range of insurance and financial products. We go above and beyond to help people and their families pursue financial security, and we inspire well-being within our communities. We ensure companies can take care of their employees and help individuals thrive after unexpected loss. 

In 1860, a community of immigrants joined together to insure and protect their businesses and families. They were guided by powerful ideals that we’ve continued to stand behind and evolved throughout the years: we do the right thing, we believe people count, we courageously shape the future together, and we go above and beyond for the people we serve.

Guardian employees embrace and live by these values every day. They remind us to put people at the heart of all we do so that we can help protect what matters most to you.

And as one of the largest mutual insurance companies, we know what matters most: putting the needs of our customers first. 

Behind every bright future is a Guardian!

1Data provided by Guardian Agency Analysis and Insights 12/31/21. Clients include owners of in force life, disability income and long-term care insurance policies as well as all securities accounts.

2Represents in force cash values for life insurance and market values of all securities accounts. Market values of securities accounts are subject to significant changes due to market conditions. The values provided should not be used in making a determination on the quality of services provided by representatives of this agency.